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Paul was born in Kodaikanal on 22 September 1914 and died on 2 October 1979. G D Arulraj was born in 1925 and died in June 1972 while visiting India. Arul worked at Laguna Beach in the 60's and 1970's. G D Thyagaraj might have been born in 1922 and I am told that he probably died sometime before 1981. He moved to northern India as a young man. I lived in India as a child and spent a lot of time in Calcutta. My mother purchased several paintings directly from Paul Raj while living in Madras and this got me interested in his works. I then discovered he had two brothers Arul Raj and Thyaga Raj who were both fantastic artists. I could not find much information on the internet so decided to set up my own blog. Subsequently a Facebook tribute site has also been created to the memory of the three brothers. Contact me at:

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

G D Paulraj - Classic Cart Convoy

Today I am adding a 'Kodaikanal Classic Cart Convoy' the photo was sent to me by Robert whose parents first went to India in 1923.  He believes the painting was bought while they were in Kodaikanal where he went to school in the late 1940's.  The family spent the hot season in the Palni mountains in Kodaikanal.
He returned to go to college in the USA around 1950 and he thinks he has a photo that he took of Paulraj painting the view from 'Coaker's Walk' overlooking the plains 7,000 feet below.  Robert thank you for sharing this beautiful painting, if you should find the photo of Paul Raj I would love to see that as well.

It is in fantastic shape with very little fading of the colours and it is a classic cart convoy with a different twist.  In the background you can see a temple on a hill, does anyone know if such a scene exists in the Kodai region?

Hope you all enjoy this painting and thanks to Robert again for sharing it with us all.

Friday, 21 December 2012

G D Thyagaraj - Resting Under the Trees

Another painting by Thyagaraj 'Resting under the tree' it has kept the colours well over so many years.
This is a nice painting which I like a lot.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

G D Thyagaraj - Busy Street with Temple

This is a photo of the second Thyagaraj painting sent to me by Rob.  It dates from the late 1950s.  It shows a very busy street scene with what appears to be a small shrine or temple.  Anyone know if this is a real place?  We do know that Thyagaraj lived and worked in Jaipur for many years could it be based on a scene in Jaipur.

Unfortunately the colours appear a light off this could be because of the settings of the camera or maybe it has just faded over time.

Once again thanks to Rob for sharing this photo.  Hope you like it.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

G D Thyagaraj - Steps leading to Water

Another painting by G D Thyagaraj, this was one sent to me by Rob who found my blog and it turns out that his parents own two paintings by Thyagaraj which they obtained when they were in India in the 1950s.  This one shows some steps leading down to some water and there are four women by the waters edge doing some chores.
 Thanks to Rob for sharing these paintings, much appreciated.