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Paul was born in Kodaikanal on 22 September 1914 and died on 2 October 1979. G D Arulraj was born in 1925 and died in June 1972 while visiting India. Arul worked at Laguna Beach in the 60's and 1970's. G D Thyagaraj might have been born in 1922 and I am told that he probably died sometime before 1981. He moved to northern India as a young man. I lived in India as a child and spent a lot of time in Calcutta. My mother purchased several paintings directly from Paul Raj while living in Madras and this got me interested in his works. I then discovered he had two brothers Arul Raj and Thyaga Raj who were both fantastic artists. I could not find much information on the internet so decided to set up my own blog. Subsequently a Facebook tribute site has also been created to the memory of the three brothers. Contact me at:

Monday, 3 January 2011

G D Thyagaraj - Field Worker

For the first post of 2011 I am adding another painting by G D Thyagaraj which was found by my friend Kashinath on his travels in India.

The tree in very dominate in the painting but non the less it is a painting that I like.  You can see the fields going away into the distance.

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  1. His trees are unlike anything I've seen so far! Lovely light and nice bright colors used in this painting!