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Paul was born in Kodaikanal on 22 September 1914 and died on 2 October 1979. G D Arulraj was born in 1925 and died in June 1972 while visiting India. Arul worked at Laguna Beach in the 60's and 1970's. G D Thyagaraj might have been born in 1922 and I am told that he probably died sometime before 1981. He moved to northern India as a young man. I lived in India as a child and spent a lot of time in Calcutta. My mother purchased several paintings directly from Paul Raj while living in Madras and this got me interested in his works. I then discovered he had two brothers Arul Raj and Thyaga Raj who were both fantastic artists. I could not find much information on the internet so decided to set up my own blog. Subsequently a Facebook tribute site has also been created to the memory of the three brothers. Contact me at:

Monday, 2 November 2009

G D Paul Raj Painting - The Water carriers - My First Painting

My wife found my first Paulraj painting on Ebay and it was wrongly described as being an oil painting and unsigned.  We contacted the seller for more information and he was not very helpful as he did not bother replying we had wanted to check it was an oil painting as the photograph looked like a water colour.
Anyway the painting had reminded my wife of my mother's Paulraj painting due to the way he captured the sunlight on the street scene.  She bid on the painting and got it for a good price.  It is just a shame that he never dated his paintings as I cannot tell if it is an early one or from later in his life.  My best guess is it is an earlier painting.


  1. Hello! My parents were wondering how much theirs would probably be worth - we have a similar one of women washing clothes by a river... But I didn't want them to sell. Yours reminds me of the one in my parents' house.

  2. Hello Pilgrim
    Sorry only just spotted your comment at the beginning of May 2010. If your parents wanted to sell in the right auction and if it is a desirable painting they have been known to sell from £100 to £600 in the UK. I assume it is by G D Paulraj? Around £200 is the average. I started the blog to make the Raj brothers works more widely known. Any chance of you taking a photo of your parents painting? Do you know how they acquired the painting? Did they buy it in India and when did they buy it. Any information you have would be of interest. Goldfinch. P.S. I will post a comment on your blog as well to see if you pick up my reply.

  3. This is the wall..! good effect

    1. I have a Paul Raj, water colour of ,"Water Carriers "In Water Colour It has a number at the back, NO, 5 ,,With his home address 17mushulerishna ,Mudale Street, Mylopre ,madras 4. any Gen,, ??

  4. Hello Vincent. Thank you for the message the address you have is different to ones I have seen previously. I have a painting on the blog site called "Mudali Street" slightly different spelling to the address you have. Can you send me a photo of your painting so I can add it to the blog site? My email is at the top of the page. He sold many paintings by mail order hence they are numbered alos in exhibitions thay can be numbered for reference purposes.