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Paul was born in Kodaikanal on 22 September 1914 and died on 2 October 1979. G D Arulraj was born in 1925 and died in June 1972 while visiting India. Arul worked at Laguna Beach in the 60's and 1970's. G D Thyagaraj might have been born in 1922 and I am told that he probably died sometime before 1981. He moved to northern India as a young man. I lived in India as a child and spent a lot of time in Calcutta. My mother purchased several paintings directly from Paul Raj while living in Madras and this got me interested in his works. I then discovered he had two brothers Arul Raj and Thyaga Raj who were both fantastic artists. I could not find much information on the internet so decided to set up my own blog. Subsequently a Facebook tribute site has also been created to the memory of the three brothers. Contact me at:

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

G D Thyagaraj - Dusty Road with Cart

I thought it was time to post another Thyagaraj painting, this one is of a dusty road with carts. I like this painting a lot it really captures the dust form the wheels of the carts.  Also the tree looks really large and imposing.
There was a label on the reverse of the painting saying it was framed in Lahore, but sadly no date.
I thought I would also add a photograph from one of my cine films taken in the early 1960;s on the road to Mahabalipuram, it is of a potter making pots on a spinning wheel.  Not sure if scenes like this still exist in rural India?
I could imagine Paul Raj painting a scene like this.


  1. The painting is really good!
    Such scenes still exist in rural india.

  2. I am tempted to use your photo for painting reference

  3. Really good painting.
    Just that the legs of the bullocks don't suggest they're running, but the cart and dust do. But it'd be fair to grant artistic license at that :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ramesh, great to hear scenes like the potter still exist, I will add more photos of my times in India in Due course.

    Ajay, use the photo if you like no problems, As it is from a cine film only 8mm x 8mm I cannot get a higher quality photo.

    PC maybe the bullocks are only walking if the carts were full?

    Glad you liked the painting and the photo.